Monthly Archives: January 2009

Getting mobile right isn’t going to be easy 1

Many of you probably saw the same email I received yesterday about a whitepaper produced by Tealeaf and semphonic, discussing the virtues of both engaging with and measuring the behavior of mobile web users. I find myself reflecting on this piece with mixed emotions.  Lines like, “the recent entrance of Apple … into the mobile […]

What is web analytics? 2

So it’s always one of those unanswerable questions: “You’re a web analytics person?  What exactly does that mean?” Well, I did my best, and it only took me a few hours. Take a moment to read through the web analytics page, where we discuss what web analytics “is”, or what it really should be.  It’s […]

Laying the groundwork . . . 3

So, let’s not go by statistics here and just assume that this blog isn’t going to get off the ground.  A facebook group has just been created (click it!), so please join the group.  I know this is all called “Atlanta Analytics”, but it’s really a web-wide community, so please go ahead and join, even […]

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