Monthly Archives: July 2009

Are you an analytics beagle or a performance wolf? 3

So, I can’t even begin to describe how lame I feel this analogy is, but it’s effective, I think. Beagles are great hunters.  They have an incredible nose, they’re very smart, they have great endurance and they’re faster than you’d ever imagine. Wolves are also great hunters.  Fast, silent, great instincts, and accurate. So what’s […]

3.5 things that keep you from finding good web analytics people 1

Probably the most frequently asked question I get is, “Evan, how can I tell a good analyst from a bad one?  What should I be looking for in a resume?” Of course, the astute analyst will immediately recognize that those are two questions.  Well done! Usually, my answer is a simple one: “You probably already […]

Three enormous wastes of your web analytics time 2

We are all guilty of wasting time, energy, and money. But when it comes to how organizations spend these three things on web analytics, or more appropriately mis-spend these resources, it can literally cost millions of wasted dollars when you consider how many people and days (or months) of work and senseless arguments it can […]

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