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Google Analytics Advanced Segment and Custom Report Sharing Going Live…soon Comments Off

So, the fabled sharing of custom reports and advanced segments is live for select logins in Google Analytics.  Guessing this means that we’re going to see this feature released live very soon! Google Analytics’ Advanced Segments are a powerful way of defining just the cross-section of information that you’d like to see a report for. […]

The New Search Engine Optimization – SEO 2.0 13

Specialists.  They are wonderful, smart, and talented people who can push boundaries and solve complicated problems.  They are also the people who invented lead plumbing, asbestos insulation, and solved our toxic waste disposal issue by sinking leaky barrels down to the ocean floor. When specialists solve a problem, they often create other, unforeseen problems because […]

What happens in the middle is what matters 3

Here’s an exercise that will make you a better analyst and a better businessperson.  Even if you’re not the “web analytics guy,” do this anyhow and translate it to how you think about your web site. Go to the mall and prop yourself down on a bench in front of of a store (how about […]