Monthly Archives: May 2010

Google SSL keeps everything a secret 1

Google announced a secure version of their search, located at This is great if you’re worried about the black helicopters, but for analytics, this is very not great at the moment. As good buddy and coworker Brian Ussery pointed out yesterday, when you come from https, for security reasons, your referral data is NOT […]

A [hopefully] clearer picture of the future analyst 2

Thanks to everyone who read last week’s post “I don’t want a web analytics job.” A dude in Ottawa replied to me that he wrote a follow-up post, and I think it’s very good, but I have a few follow-up notes. Atlanta Analytics posts are all about fanning the flames and pushing for change in […]

I don’t want a web analytics job 9

I’ve been getting a lot of nice emails from recruiters lately, and I really appreciate everyone’s interest. It makes me feel special! But I’m sorry to tell you that I really don’t want a “web analytics job.” Not now, not ever in my future. And neither do your best analytics people. Web analytics jobs, as […]

How Does Google Analytics handle 301 and 302 Redirects? 78

I’ve seen this question a zillion times, so please link the hell out of this so it shows up in search results and helps people (Matt Cutts, please ignore the previous statement, I’m just trying to help people). I also posted this at the Google Analytics help forums and will do a post on Search […]

Web analytics sucks, and it’s nobody’s fault 4

I keep having to come back to the same conclusion when trying to win people over or convince them of an idea: it’s not their fault. Businesses are a tough animal. They’re tough because they have to live somewhere on this spectrum of control and fantasy, where one end is an organized, over-specialized, decisions-by-committee setup […]

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