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Speaking at AMA Atlanta tomorrow Comments Off

I’ll be at COX headquarters tomorrow speaking about how to improve your marketing by asking the right questions. Part II will be a brief Google Analytics training. Here are the details. Hope you can make it! gets a face lift. Everyone say hello! Comments Off

Wow. This is amazing. Check out the new home page. Now, yes, it is very pretty, but that’s not why it’s amazing.¬†Airlines are notoriously tough companies, politically speaking. There are a lot of competing priorities, lots of people trying to earn their Christmas bonus by accomplishing goals that are often at ends with each […]

New Search Engine Land Post – The Value of “Wasted” Marketing Dollars Comments Off

This post goes into why none of your marketing dollars are ever wasted, if you’re willing to put in the effort. Have a look and let me know what you think! I’ll try to be better about linking to the posts I do on other sites, but to get caught up, here you go: Search […]

Jason Fried of 37signals – Know Business in Every Role Comments Off

Jason Fried recently did an interview, and it’s phenomenal. Pay really close attention to minute 6+, where he talks about how important it is for people in different disciplines to understand business; why they are doing/making what they are doing/making. His examples and personal experience around this idea are spot-on. I have to cop and […]

What is web analytics worth? Love thyself! Please. 2

A few months ago, I was riding to the airport from SMX/eMetrics Toronto with one of the most talented web analytics implementation people on the planet, and he told me a story I’ve used about a dozen times since. It’s not that he beat up Chuck Norris or anything crazy like that, it was just […]