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How does YouTube video view count work? 18

There is some confusion out there about how youTube counts video views. How do I know this? Well, at least I was confused. So here are a few things I figured out when learning about it. YouTube Video View Count YouTube counts videos as they are started. In as little as 5 seconds (i.e., if […]

Are you inspired? I’m not. Comments Off on Are you inspired? I’m not.

Let me work my way backwards from offending anyone or causing a stir. But that, of course, requires a stir. We web analytics people suck. We don’t inspire me at all. We don’t inspire anyone around us. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Now the working backwards part. Who are the people who you think of […]

Something for the weekend Comments Off on Something for the weekend

This weekend, while your mind is off work, keep a simple mental exercise in the back of your mind. Think about how you are being tracked. Not like black helicopters and homing devices, but the good, honest ways. When you’re at your kid’s soccer game, your favorite restaurant, a movie, or out at the city […]

Swap-a-meeting Comments Off on Swap-a-meeting

Give this one a try before the week’s out. Find a meeting on your calendar either for today or tomorrow that looks like it’s going to be really boring and pointless. Cancel it. Take that same block of time and re-schedule it with someone you don’t normally talk to. A lot of people’s calendars may […]

Will you help me decide? 8

I’m trying to figure out how to be more consistent and helpful with the blog. So will you help me decide? A: shorter posts more often, like quick Godin posts that have something you can think about B: long posts like the ones you normally see here, exploring a concept in some depth C: a […]

Web Analytics Jobs in Atlanta Comments Off on Web Analytics Jobs in Atlanta

I’m starting a little site section here about web analytics jobs in Atlanta (among other places). I’m going to try to have at least some information that gives you a feel for what to expect when working at various companies and in various roles, so if you represent one of these companies or have worked […]

Does your funnel suck? Absolutely. Comments Off on Does your funnel suck? Absolutely.

A new one of my SEL posts is up today, and I even got to ride on Seth Godin’s shoulders for this one! Thanks for the help, Seth! Seth’s post is about marketers’ obsession with stuffing more people into the top of the funnel, while the funnel itself may suck. I couldn’t agree more. Have […]

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