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Use your suckiness this season to finally get buy-in Comments Off on Use your suckiness this season to finally get buy-in

New post over at Search Engine Land about how to get execs to finally realize the cost of not adopting SEO, landing page, cart, IA, usability, and other best practices and efforts through the year. Give it a read and let me know what you think. Are you gathering the opportunity cost data this season […]

Is there anyone really in charge? Comments Off on Is there anyone really in charge?

I thought the way Seth Godin talked about this really made a lot of sense. In his post, “Hire an architect,” (read it!) Seth talks about the need for someone who gets the “system,” irrespective of whether they know how to do/make every little part. People in our industry often lose a lot of respect […]

Web analytics needs some serious PR 7

Funny enough, we need a good shot of something most of us aren’t that crazy about. PR. It isn’t measurable most of the time. It’s “soft.” It’s all rainbows and butterflies and about “reach” and perception. Perception can’t be deposited into a bank account! Woah, how lame does it get, right? Well, right now the […]

Becoming a data-driven business 1

A big part of getting your company to be more data-driven is actually becoming aware of the fact that there are a lot of places where you can’t be. The best data-driven organizations actually have come to terms with this and can transfer seamlessly in conversation between those topics that can and should be matched […]

Avinash Kaushik will make me completely unnecessary 1

🙁 Well, this should come as no surprise at all, but Avinash is continuing to write some really great posts, with an even-greater focus on how to get analytics really working in your business. His latest post, Keys to Web Analytics Maturity, dives deep into what is and isn’t making analytics work, and how he, […]

Malcolm Gladwell on SEO – New Post Comments Off on Malcolm Gladwell on SEO – New Post

A new post is up over at Search Engine Land. It’s titled Of SEO and Spaghetti Sauce, and it’s about the concept of creating better experiences that are more appropriate for your audiences. Most SEO is done on an existing site, and the site exists in one flavor. Just look at your average e-commerce site. […]

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