Monthly Archives: December 2010

It’s not about the hashtag 5

Well, I know some of you saw a little frustration unfold this week about the #measure hashtag, and obviously that didn’t go so well. I want to clarify a few things and make my position on this whole thing crystal clear. First, this is not about ruffling any feathers, challenging anyone, or causing a stir. […]

My 5 predictions (and hopes) for web analytics in 2011 20

I don’t quite know how to bottle up the excitement that is brewing around web analytics at the end of this year. I’ve never seen something quite like this in our industry. The number of people looking to fill good analytics jobs is the highest I’ve ever experienced. The number of people in the industry […]

One valuable test you may have forgotten Comments Off on One valuable test you may have forgotten

Most businesses can get pretty excited about A/B and multivariate testing, and a few of them even do it in addition to talking about it. Typically, we test the home page, product detail pages, checkout pages, landing pages and others that sit between the user and a conversion, and many of these tests have a […]

Die Uniques! Die!!! 9

I was playing golf this weekend with a friend who does SEO. We were talking about how things were going, joking about how slowly big companies move, and the conversation came around to how, at the end of the day (because of how the company is structured, not because it’s his decision), he was just […]

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