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Give the value of your marketing a quantum leap 1

If you have 16 minutes, here’s a short presentation I delivered the other night. The premise is that we are missing the point of our marketing: yes, we generate a return and revenue today, but the greatest value is the future value that we are able to generate by studying the information our marketing generates. […]

If it’s about the community, it’s about you 5

I feel like I might be setting myself up for a bit of a controversy here, but I’ve just been chewing on this concept for a while now, and Stephane’s great post about the accomplishments he is (and should be) proud of finally pushed this idea to the forefront of my tiny, little mind. “It’s […]

AiMA Atlanta – The real value of your marketing Comments Off on AiMA Atlanta – The real value of your marketing

Hope you can make it to the AiMA Atlanta panel tonight (1/26) where I’ll be speaking along with Topher Kohan and Rachel Pasqua. The topic AiMA came up with is how search and marketing need to play a role in all that you do. I couldn’t agree more. My goal tonight is to rejuvenate your […]

How the 4 web analytics career paths fit the 180 Comments Off on How the 4 web analytics career paths fit the 180

In thinking and talking to people about the predictions for 2011 and the web analytics 180, the great point of different people wanting different things from web analytics came up. Some people don’t want to be the VP of the Executive Director Chief Cheese at Large, so where do they fit in? What if you […]

The web analytics 180 3

So, we have some pretty lofty hopes for web analytics in 2011. Let’s talk about how and why we get there. Avinash made a pretty funny point about my post by saying that all I want is a complete reboot. Well, I’m going to call it a reversal, instead. A 180. A McTwist. And I […]

Changes ’round here Comments Off on Changes ’round here

Not only is the whole industry changing in 2011, so is Atlanta Analytics. Here are some things we’re going to get to work on: Guest authors / columnists: want to write? The idea here is that we make businesses operate better because of analytics, so if you want to help that happen, reach out on […]

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