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To be most helpful on ridiculous questions, just say no 2

When someone asks you “what is the average click through rate for Google,” or, “what is a good conversion rate,” find a kind way to let them know that the question is unanswerable, or that the answer is counterproductive. For years, we’ve been answering unanswerable questions in an effort to appear smart and helpful, or […]

A web analyst’s guide to the two emotions that fuel business 9

When you look into it, you’ll find that, almost universally, there are two emotions that fuel business: fear and greed. In the stock market, these emotions influence buying behavior. Everyone knows that to be successful, you have to buy low and sell high, but when you do the forensics on actual market purchase behavior, you’ll […]

10 Questions with Atlanta Analytics Comments Off on 10 Questions with Atlanta Analytics

About a week ago, a really nice guy reached out to see if he could ask a few questions about analytics and how it could (or should) play a role in a business that’s just getting started out (although I felt like the questions were relevant regardless of business age). I thought his questions were […]

No need to prove ’em wrong. We know they’re wrong. 1

Not long ago, best practices and creative thinking drove success in a lot of things. We would figure out what should work, put it to action, and start working on the next idea that should work. The general attitude was that unless you could prove them wrong, the marketers were doing great. Sometimes people did […]

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