Monthly Archives: June 2011

Go ahead and shoot your magic bullets. We’ll wait. 1

It’s been a long wait for the people who simply want to create or improve an offering and add value to peoples’ lives. The world has come up with some pretty great things to help businesses grow without actually doing anything better (and in some cases, like crap SEO content pages unfit for human use, […]

Maybe you’re just not meant to make a difference. 2

You haven’t been trained on that. You don’t have enough direction. People won’t cooperate long enough to make things happen at your company. There isn’t a process for this. Tell me how I prioritize this against the 100 other things I’m doing. That’s not how things are done around here. Maybe you just aren’t meant to […]

The 4 Best Conversion-Enhancing Landing Page Designs. Ever. 8

I’ve had a lot of experience with landing page designs in the past. You could call me a landing page expert. Maybe even a genius. So, to give back to the community who has given me so much, I present my most conversion-optimizing landing pages, ever. Here’s the page we started with (go ahead, click […]

3 ways to improve your “marketing,” starting now 2

Often, in life, I’ll take a look back and realize I’d been aiming for the wrong target for a long time. Once I understood something that gave me a more complete picture of that part of the world, my efforts were much more productive and the results started pouring in. These discoveries are always a […]

Choose a rapture: web analytics or creative? 2

A conversation I just had with the great sage, Keith Burtis, got me thinking about something. He is working on a model for what it takes to be successful online; it’s a four-pillar model including: Strategy Creative Analytics Development Let’s say the strategy is something that the CEO will handle, and the development is functional, […]

Your web analytics challenge for this week 2

OK, here it is: Your challenge for this week is to look at all of the traffic that doesn’t convert. Doesn’t buy. Doesn’t sign up for your newsletter. Doesn’t download the whitepaper you’ve stuck behind a lead form.* What was the point of those visits? What were those people trying to achieve? Achieving that goal […]

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