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A website is usually less than the sum of its parts. Let’s fix that. Comments Off on A website is usually less than the sum of its parts. Let’s fix that.

There is a broken mindset out there that goes something like this: “If we hire the best people, if we have the best technology, we will be the best.” Not true. The problem with this is that people look at their companies like they might look at a race car. If we put the best […]

Austin, TX: The Nucleus of Analytics and Grumpiness 2

Emer keeps calling me Mr. Grumpypants, so I’ll go with it for now. I’ll be speaking at Keystone’s killer event in Austin. Yes, I know that’s not enough to make you care. But here’s what is: Emer Kirrane of Yahoo Analytics will be there. She is awesome. John Lovett of Web Analytics Demystified will be […]

How to avoid web analytics douchiness 8

I grew up friends with a kid that was a year older than me. We were great friends, even through elementary school where the difference between being in one grade vs. the next was practically equivalent to 10 current-day years of maturity. Never was this more apparent than when I was just starting 4th grade […]

Don’t believe everything you read. Comments Off on Don’t believe everything you read.

Just because it’s written doesn’t mean it’s true. I think we should read, and we should read a lot. But with everything we read, we need to ask if we really believe it. Don’t just take the author’s word for it. Don’t think that just because they got published that the ideas were vetted. Any […]

The other qualitative side of web analytics 1

Sometimes we let ourselves get a little rusty. It’s been a while since we talked to some people in our business who we don’t run into in the course of our daily routine or normal work. Companies are complex places. They’re complex like the olympics. Everyone is striving for a gold, but some people are […]

How to measure web engagement, for real. 7

Ever wonder why “engagement” and “enragement” are spelled so similarly? Measuring engagement is tricky business, made even trickier by the use of esoteric indices and web-centric (as opposed to economics-centric) metrics to describe the concept. So, here are some thoughts on how to measure, evangelize, and create delta in engagement. First things first We have two […]

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