Changes ’round here

Not only is the whole industry changing in 2011, so is Atlanta Analytics. Here are some things we’re going to get to work on:

  1. Guest authors / columnists: want to write? The idea here is that we make businesses operate better because of analytics, so if you want to help that happen, reach out on twitter. What we don’t do around here is talk about statistical models to predict the effect of 20-sided dice on the conversion dungeon master. This blog is about making things easier in real, live businesses where cash pays the bills and paychecks, not where “bounce bucks” or “multivariate happy rainbows” run the show. We may use [sometimes] complex tools and thinking, but we are not in the business of making things more complex. We have to tie it back to the real world, always.
  2. Interviews: I’ve been very lucky to meet some extraordinary people, both who practice web analytics, and those who are the businesspeople who consume the trade to make their company hum. Let’s talk to them!
  3. Niceness: I know that this blog can and has come across a little strongly, and we can’t have that in the south, where hospitality is king. So the blog isn’t going to be like a nun waving her finger at you or slapping you knuckles with a ruler any more. It’s going to simply lay the ruler upon your knuckles at high speed. Much nicer. But in all seriousness, I want to make this something collaborative, not something that divides anyone. So call me out if you see it and I’ll fix it, because that’s never the intent.

Boo ya.

Let me know if you want to help.