Don’t Be Average. Destroy Average.

On Peyton and work…

Ever feel like Peyton did last night? Peyton is one of the best quarterbacks of our time, yet even sometimes he can look and feel like nothing is working. He can choose in those times to question himself and his talent, or he can realize that there are times when super talented people are in situations where their talent can’t shine.

Some of the smartest and most capable people I have ever met are like last night Peytons in their work place. They have strong beliefs and philosophies, the intellect to build a plan and the ethic to execute, yet their environment or their teammates won’t let them shine. It amazes me how many people who are perfectly capable of thinking and acting in the big picture start to question themselves in these environments and maybe even stop pushing for what they know is right, thinking they aren’t good enough to get it done. There are literally billions of people on this earth who choose to not make a difference by giving up and falling into the current of their surroundings, and then there are the tiny few who realize the current is just a bunch of averageness for them to swim through.

If you can beat averageness, you can change the world. It might just be a little part, or it could be a big part. But don’t let the world make you start thinking you are average, because you probably aren’t unless you just let yourself be. Don’t underestimate your impact, either, because even the Snuggie changed the world.

Most of the things we love were created by people who thought the average way was not good enough. Sadly, most of those people had to leave their prior work environment to get it done because of the sea of averageness there. The sad part is that they could have gotten it done where they were if others had jumped on board. You see, breaking averageness isn’t always being the inventor, either. Sometimes it’s seeing something and being kindle or even gasoline on that flame. Honestly, those who enable change and make the flame burn brighter are so much more important catalysts for change than the inventors (who often just seem crazy or unrealistic).

So whether you have the vision of how the world should change (even if it’s only a blanket with sleeves) or you’re the one who believes in and can amplify another’s vision, you play a critical role in destroying averageness.

Peyton is going to be just fine, because he is either going to get into the right place or he’s going to help these people learn from yesterday and emerge a lot less average. Sports is a cliche go-to in business, but what these people do have is a mental strength and the deep knowledge that they are born to stand out. Don’t mistake their mental strength and their physical strength. You might not have the outward physical appearance of an NFL athlete, but that’s only because God gave you those muscles in your head or in your heart, instead. You are born to stand out. Go do something awesome (not a blanket with leg holes, though).

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