Go ahead and shoot your magic bullets. We’ll wait.

It’s been a long wait for the people who simply want to create or improve an offering and add value to peoples’ lives. The world has come up with some pretty great things to help businesses grow without actually doing anything better (and in some cases, like crap SEO content pages unfit for human use, do things worse). Wave after wave of things that will change our business forever have gone by and crashed on the shore. Yes, we got to surf for a while, but then it got more competitive. Noisier. And the change wasn’t forever. We’re still waiting. Right now, we’re wrapping up our wait on social media*. It’s okay, we’re patient.

When you are done with your next best things and your can’t misses, when the smoke blows away and your barrel cools down, you’ll still be sitting there looking at a pristine bullseye. If I looked for the safest place to stand while you brands unloaded all of your budget and efforts on me, it would be right smack dab in the middle of the target labeled, “offer your customers something genuinely better.”

So when the bullets are all gone, put down your arms and come have a talk with us. We’ll still be here. We have some ideas about how to do things better. Realistic ideas. Actionable ones. Ideas with lasting value, the ability to differentiate the offering; ones that may even earn a little trust and respect from our customers that will last.

Each of the efforts you’ve watched dwindle had lasting value, though. It wasn’t the channel that failed. It was the people who thought the channel would somehow take care of things that the business wasn’t willing to take care of. *Social media fits here. Wonderful opportunity for businesses, yet again not a magic bullet. In fact, more of a boomerang bullet.

There are no magic bullets. There is only the hard work it takes to do it better.

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  1. I agree with you. Hard word is the base of the building. You have to work hard or you won’t get somethings.

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