BKV – Atlanta


The Empire State elevator speech:

BKV has been in business for over 25 years and is one of the largest privately owned full-service Direct Response agencies with offices in Atlanta and Kansas City. With a staff of over 150 professionals, the company maintains a leadership position in creative, marketing, media, interactive, production and database expertise.

Clients include The Home Depot, Delta, Equifax, The Salvation Army, Six Flags, The American Red Cross, PRIMEDIA, and AT&T among other progressive organizations. Superior performance and customer service has allowed BKV to have consistent growth over the years.


The culture of BKV is truly unique within the advertising business. At BKV, titles are insignificant and everyone from the president on down fulfills an active “hands-on” role working as a team to satisfy client projects. Entrepreneurial in spirit, professionals are encouraged to grow, are treated with respect and work within a team environment where all members are focused on results.

The success of BKV’s culture can be measured on multiple levels. First, the company has a very stable team of professionals who have worked for BKV for many years while serving as the core of the culture. Secondly, layoffs have not been a part of the company’s profile as proven performers are valued and retained. Additionally, the agency has a long history of double-digit growth and profits year over year.

The culture is rapid-paced and flexible to a varied client environment. This demands adherence to the highest industry standards for performance while encouraging individual initiative for success.

My take:

Well, I don’t really have one. I know a lot of people who have worked at BKV over the years who have told me it’s a great learning experience. If you have experience working with or at BKV, and would like to share it with the community of analytics people out there, please find me on twitter (@evanlapointe) and let me know!