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Delta is…well if you don’t know what Delta is, you probably shouldn’t apply.

I’ve spoken with some people that work there, and I’ve heard great things. They have had some new management come in with the web as a top priority, and it shows. Comparing to a site like tells the whole story. This group wants to put users first, which means that web analytics is valuable to the organization.

Here is a blurb from a Delta insider about their company culture:

It’s a fast-paced and collegial environment, with a lot of energy around making a top travel website and the primary distribution channel for Delta tickets.  The marketing and eCommerce teams are co-located in the general office complex and work closely together.  It’s a highly motivated workforce and folks are optimistic about Delta’s future.  The merger with Northwest is behind us and executive leadership is focused on growing our presence online.  There are lots of creative things happening with distributed eCommerce and site changes are coming too, starting with the redesigned homepage that launched in August.  The work environment is informal and we have frequent interaction with senior management, who keep us informed on developments in the airline and industry.  We have fun too, including offsite meetings and gatherings … most recently the “Flight to Zombieland” that we scheduled just before Halloween!

My take:

Like I said, I’ve heard great things from Delta employees, who always feel like their opinion and work matters, which isn’t something I can say for a lot of web analytics jobs. Also, applicants should be aware of the fact that there are great flight benefits as part of your compensation, so if you like to travel, it can be a great gig.

Airlines traditionally are politically-fueled organizations with multiple revenue streams and programs that can often compete for attention and resources, particularly on the web. Delta seems to have navigated this issue pretty well, and the complementary web development teams seem to get along pretty well, too. So far, it sounds to me like a web analytics job at Delta would be a good one.

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