Here’s the skinny on NeboWeb, from a voice over there. These people seem like a pretty sharp (and fun bunch)…

  • We’re a mid-sized shop, not quite small enough to be a boutique design firm, but we’re local. Employee count in the mid twenties.
  • We do pretty much everything online — design, development, search, social, display, etc. — except for email in most cases, though we can advise. We’re most known for our design and our search marketing (SEO and PPC) work.
  • We’re a Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified partner.
  • The environment is relaxed. Common sense and good manners will get a person a long way here. You don’t have to arrive at a certain time or stay until a certain time as long as you get your work done. No dress code, but if you’re client facing, try to be as sharp as fits the situation.
  • Lately we’ve seen a rather large uptick in clients looking for conversion rate optimization, and this obviously utilizes an analytics skill set, and also leverages our strengths as a design firm.
  • We’re located right behind the best coffee shop in town (Octane) if you’re one of the fancy types that likes a latte, though you can get coffee for free in the office, and we have milk and an espresso machine in the office as well (can you tell I’m puzzled by all the folks who go to Octane on a regular basis? haha).
  • Red bull abounds, there’s beer every Friday afternoon, and exercise balls are the latest office trend.
  • On the analytics end of things, there’s much work to be done for clients who are engaged with us on multiple fronts such as different marketing channels, conversion rate optimization, and/or design. Clients of this nature, as opposed to clients who are just a design client or just a search client, tend to also need someone to provide further insight and analysis. As far as the position itself goes, whoever we hire would be working closely with our marketing team, but some with our design/development team as well.