is a great workplace, located near 400/285 intersection in Atlanta. Here are some details on the company:

What they say:, created in 1997 and headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., is the Internet’s leading automotive marketplace and consumer information website. aggregates in a single location millions of new cars, used cars and certified pre-owned cars from thousands of auto dealers and private sellers. attracts more than 15 million unique monthly visitors who utilize the site to view vehicles for sale, research and compare vehicles, review pricing and specials, and read auto-related content like buying and selling tips, auto maintenance tips and coverage of major auto shows and automotive trends.  Through innovative merchandising functionality such as multiple photos, videos, detailed descriptions and comprehensive research and compare tools, unites new and used car buyers and sellers online to improve the way people research, locate and advertise vehicles. is a majority-owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.  The venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is also an investor.  For more information, please visit

If candidates are interested in applying, send a resume to and reference the appropriate job title.

My take:

I did some work with ATC as a consultant and really enjoyed the company. ATC is full of great people who I remain friends with to this day, and I can definitely recommend the company to someone who is motivated to get in there and make a difference while being in a positive culture.

The people are very positive and focused on results. Chip Perry, CEO while I was there, is a great guy with a promising vision for the company. He is a highly rational CEO and solicits a lot of input from people of all departments and ranks before making important decisions; something that doesn’t happen a whole lot in this industry.

From an analytics perspective, the company may at first feel a bit fragmented, but from what I’ve heard since leaving in 2009, it continues to evolve quickly in the right direction. The company consisted of many specialized verticals that handled various parts of web development (product, UX, design, copy/content, marketing, ad ops, IT, etc.). While this is not an uncommon structure, and there were incredibly talented people in each department, each vertical had its own goals and management, which meant that goals and focus were prone to changing dynamics as projects moved through their development cycle. Analytics teams were also a bit decentralized and sometimes lacked influence in other operational arms of the company, which I personally felt was not the best way to take full advantage of what analytics offers to the site and the organization.

With that said, there have been some major changes at since I left, and from what I’ve heard, they have made huge strides to get both thought and accountability both centralized, which is exactly the right decision. The people who are in analytics roles in the company now are some of the smartest and most focused people I’ve worked with, and they have collaborated with (and continue to work with) management to keep things moving in the right direction. If you are someone who wants to not only make great strides for a web site, but wants to help a company blossom operationally, ATC’s opportunities are not to be missed.

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