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Honest Talk About Tag Management (TMS) and Site Speed 1

Do tag management systems (TMS) make web sites faster? Yes! Does this differentiate them? Sometimes, but not a whole lot. Has a customer ever left one of the major TMSs on the basis of poor site performance (or better performance from a competitor)? Not to my knowledge. How much should site performance influence my TMS […]

Don’t Be Average. Destroy Average. Comments Off on Don’t Be Average. Destroy Average.

On Peyton and work… Ever feel like Peyton did last night? Peyton is one of the best quarterbacks of our time, yet even sometimes he can look and feel like nothing is working. He can choose in those times to question himself and his talent, or he can realize that there are times when super […]

Minimum viable product vs. minimum viable idea Comments Off on Minimum viable product vs. minimum viable idea

If you want to do something big, it is true that you need to start small. But don’t confuse starting small for thinking small. If you’ve read the Steve Jobs biography, there’s a chapter that describe’s Steve’s ambitions to create the original Macintosh. While it’s cliche to go to a Steve Jobs example when talking […]

4 Awesome Digital Analytics Segments You Probably Haven’t Considered Comments Off on 4 Awesome Digital Analytics Segments You Probably Haven’t Considered

Segmentation is key in analytics…that is something probably nobody would argue (hopefully). Today, our segments are based largely around things like traffic sources, landing pages, visitor profiles (sometimes very good profiles), technology/devices, and more. This got me thinking about a few “dream segments,” where I could look at people based on real-world scenarios of how […]

My predictions and hopes for digital analytics in 2013 3

Well, it’s that time of year again! But this time, we’re rocking with DIGITAL analytics, not just web. A lot of new stuff, and a lot of good, solid fundamentals applied to new things to be conquered in 2013. I hope 2012 was a good year for you (no doubt!), but I think 2013 is […]

Why your dashboards suck, and 4 things you can do about it 8

Dashboards suck. Big time. Why? Because the people who build them are not thinking about their purpose. OH SNAP. Let’s put together a list of what dashboards are not for: Showing you what’s going on Updating stakeholders on key metrics Marrying data from different sources Offering a “heads-up” view of the business Yep, none of […]

The Real Housewives of Tag Management 2

I’ve been carefully avoiding writing about things like this for a few reasons. You don’t want to upset people. You don’t want to pick fights. Plus nobody trusts vendors anyhow. But the TMS space’s maturity levels have descended to a laughable state. Anyone who has been a partner, client, or potential client in the space […]

Pegs & Holes – What “big data” is really about. Comments Off on Pegs & Holes – What “big data” is really about.

There’s a lot of talk about “big data” floating around these days. The next magic bullet, so they say. But what is big data? That’s what everyone’s trying to answer. First of all, there are two axes of what it seems people are collectively calling “big data” today. Probably more, in fact. But the two […]

Analyze your brand – how a hospital’s new logo can make you a better digital marketer 3

At Search Discovery, the very first thing we do when we work with a client is focus on their customer or client. Our early work with every client is about understanding the industry, brand, and micro need/workflow from their customer’s perspective, often temporarily sidelining discussion of the client’s product or service until we feel we […]

Don’t be foolish. Come to DAA Atlanta. Comments Off on Don’t be foolish. Come to DAA Atlanta.

On May 17th, an incredible brain trust is descending on W Midtown Atlanta to discuss analytics and the future of our industry. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION, Click here to register! (I am showing off my usability expertise here). About the event Speakers include: Joe Megibow, Expedia Bob Page, eBay Matt FREAKING Gellis, Keystone […]

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