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Is ROI the analyst’s greatest frienemy? 7

In the world of marketing and business, it’s all about ROI, right? Well, not if you want to understand what is happening and what you can do about it. Extremes are our enemy. Typically, we get tangled in the extreme of over-complication. We want to run statistical analyses, regressions, econometric models, and the like on […]

6 keys to a killer career in web analytics 8

Every day, I become less of a dumbass, usually as a result of reflecting on what happens when I am one. Here are a few lessons I have learned that may be helpful to you, whether you are just getting started or if you’ve been doing this for a while. I hope you’ll add your […]

Avoid Firing a Cannon from a Canoe (how to make your analytics count) 2

For my birthday, I gave myself the gift of re-reading Dale Carnegie’s great masterpiece How to Win Friends and Influence People. In the very first chapter, Dale was explaining the research behind the book: the polls they conducted, other published material they researched, people they interviewed, etc. They reached a conclusion that sort of blew […]

My 2 predictions (and hopes) for analytics in 2012 7

Last year around this time, I did a post outlining some predictions and hopes for analytics in 2011. It’s a good thing I am okay with making a fool out of myself. Regularly. Like, with amazingly high frequency and dependability. Here’s how last year’s predictions and hopes turned out: 1: We will find out we […]

Tag Management Systems, thoughts from Atlanta Analytics 3

In all fairness, let me start this off by saying that I am personally in the tag management business. I created Satellite, what I believe to be the most usable, approachable, and forward-thinking TMS available today. So there is that. If this post is colored, well, you know why :). And if you actually read […]

Why “Measure” means EXPENSIVE to businesses 1

I’ve been having some really interesting conversations after yesterday’s post, and it got me thinking a little bit. Now, I know this “measure” thing has been a bit of a sore subject, but I really think we need to consider the consequences of that description from a number of angles, one of which just occurred […]

You’re forgetting to analyze something very important 10

What would you tell your business if you found a tactic that was under-funded but has proven to consistently deliver real return for years on end? Something that has made the company a positive ROI for the entire time it’s been around, but where investment is just a fraction of what it could be and […]

Thanks for the Inspiration Comments Off on Thanks for the Inspiration

Steve Jobs was truly and immensely inspiring to me. Like most inspiring people, it was all about passion. In Steve’s view, he knew what good enough was, and he knew when he, his colleagues, his products, and his company were not there yet. His passion didn’t allow him to settle for anything he couldn’t be […]

A website is usually less than the sum of its parts. Let’s fix that. Comments Off on A website is usually less than the sum of its parts. Let’s fix that.

There is a broken mindset out there that goes something like this: “If we hire the best people, if we have the best technology, we will be the best.” Not true. The problem with this is that people look at their companies like they might look at a race car. If we put the best […]

Austin, TX: The Nucleus of Analytics and Grumpiness 2

Emer keeps calling me Mr. Grumpypants, so I’ll go with it for now. I’ll be speaking at Keystone’s killer event in Austin. Yes, I know that’s not enough to make you care. But here’s what is: Emer Kirrane of Yahoo Analytics will be there. She is awesome. John Lovett of Web Analytics Demystified will be […]

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