gets a face lift. Everyone say hello!

Wow. This is amazing. Check out the new home page.

Now, yes, it is very pretty, but that’s not why it’s amazing.¬†Airlines are notoriously tough companies, politically speaking. There are a lot of competing priorities, lots of people trying to earn their Christmas bonus by accomplishing goals that are often at ends with each other. If there’s ever any doubt about that, just have a look at the American Airlines site:

What a disaster. Again, not in the sense that it’s ugly, but in the sense that you can literally count the number of different stakeholders, different bonuses, different executives that weighed in on the design.

Not all companies on the web face the issue of competing priorities, but of the ones who do, we very infrequently see a balance like the one achieved on the new home page. Let’s hope someone from some weird partnership or secondary program doesn’t lose business and blow it up for the users…

Let this be a beacon of hope for sites with competing lines of business… Great job, Delta!