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Don’t Be Average. Destroy Average. Comments Off on Don’t Be Average. Destroy Average.

On Peyton and work… Ever feel like Peyton did last night? Peyton is one of the best quarterbacks of our time, yet even sometimes he can look and feel like nothing is working. He can choose in those times to question himself and his talent, or he can realize that there are times when super […]

There’s a new member of the crew Comments Off on There’s a new member of the crew

Sorry for the lack of posts, it’s because this little guy showed up:

Changes ’round here Comments Off on Changes ’round here

Not only is the whole industry changing in 2011, so is Atlanta Analytics. Here are some things we’re going to get to work on: Guest authors / columnists: want to write? The idea here is that we make businesses operate better because of analytics, so if you want to help that happen, reach out on […]

Will you help me decide? 8

I’m trying to figure out how to be more consistent and helpful with the blog. So will you help me decide? A: shorter posts more often, like quick Godin posts that have something you can think about B: long posts like the ones you normally see here, exploring a concept in some depth C: a […]

Laying the groundwork . . . 3

So, let’s not go by statistics here and just assume that this blog isn’t going to get off the ground.  A facebook group has just been created (click it!), so please join the group.  I know this is all called “Atlanta Analytics”, but it’s really a web-wide community, so please go ahead and join, even […]

Another web analytics blog? 2

Welcome to Atlanta Analytics, a blog about web analytics.  But this isn’t another blog about how to do web analytics.  I could never hope to compete with Avinash Kaushik on that.  This blog, instead, is about how to get web analytics happening at your workplace.  It’s about how to prioritize analytics.  It’s about engaging stakeholders […]

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