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My predictions and hopes for digital analytics in 2013 3

Well, it’s that time of year again! But this time, we’re rocking with DIGITAL analytics, not just web. A lot of new stuff, and a lot of good, solid fundamentals applied to new things to be conquered in 2013. I hope 2012 was a good year for you (no doubt!), but I think 2013 is […]

My 2 predictions (and hopes) for analytics in 2012 7

Last year around this time, I did a post outlining some predictions and hopes for analytics in 2011. It’s a good thing I am okay with making a fool out of myself. Regularly. Like, with amazingly high frequency and dependability. Here’s how last year’s predictions and hopes turned out: 1: We will find out we […]

Don’t believe everything you read. Comments Off on Don’t believe everything you read.

Just because it’s written doesn’t mean it’s true. I think we should read, and we should read a lot. But with everything we read, we need to ask if we really believe it. Don’t just take the author’s word for it. Don’t think that just because they got published that the ideas were vetted. Any […]

Go ahead and shoot your magic bullets. We’ll wait. 1

It’s been a long wait for the people who simply want to create or improve an offering and add value to peoples’ lives. The world has come up with some pretty great things to help businesses grow without actually doing anything better (and in some cases, like crap SEO content pages unfit for human use, […]

What I believe about web analytics 2

I may have been making a mistake with this blog. Maybe even with my life (drama). I’ve been pushing opinions on people, and that’s really not something too many people like. So let me start over with something simple. Here is what I believe. Your mileage may vary. I believe that web analytics has the […]

Why would you join the Web Analytics Association? 11

What would you want the WAA to do for you as a member? Would you want to be involved, or just pay for some benefits you could receive without really having to sink your valuable time into it (yes, it’s perfectly fine for you to pay and not put anything in, it’s why you’re paying!)? […]

How to craft an effective content development strategy 3

The old adage, “content is king,” really is true. Users engage with your content, search engines index your content, and the more great content you have, the better off you are, as a general rule. Driven heavily by competition in search and the expectation that more content will boost conversion rates, people who manage big […]

The purpose of web (or any) analytics 4

I just wanted to follow up on my last post with some personal thoughts, maybe refining the message a little bit. I’ve gotten some great feedback via twitter/facebook/conversations that got me thinking about this some more. What’s the purpose of web analytics? Now keep in mind, this is just how I have come to see […]

Have you lost faith in web analytics? 6

Is the web analytics world getting you down? I think for many, it is. I’ve heard a lot of feedback on the WAA board and the WAA in general, the state of analytics in your company and in business, the frustrations in our community, etc. It is a little discouraging. For me, too. Here are […]

Atlanta Analytics comic #4 – People vs. Tools Comments Off on Atlanta Analytics comic #4 – People vs. Tools

I’ve been loving the comments Ned and I have been going back and forth on and decided that a comic would help explain the core concepts we are discussing. To illustrate this conversation, I now explore:  What would happen if I were attacked by people of varying expertise, using varyingly appropriate tools of war? My […]

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