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If it’s about the community, it’s about you 5

I feel like I might be setting myself up for a bit of a controversy here, but I’ve just been chewing on this concept for a while now, and Stephane’s great post about the accomplishments he is (and should be) proud of finally pushed this idea to the forefront of my tiny, little mind. “It’s […]

How the 4 web analytics career paths fit the 180 Comments Off on How the 4 web analytics career paths fit the 180

In thinking and talking to people about the predictions for 2011 and the web analytics 180, the great point of different people wanting different things from web analytics came up. Some people don’t want to be the VP of the Executive Director Chief Cheese at Large, so where do they fit in? What if you […]

The web analytics 180 3

So, we have some pretty lofty hopes for web analytics in 2011. Let’s talk about how and why we get there. Avinash made a pretty funny point about my post by saying that all I want is a complete reboot. Well, I’m going to call it a reversal, instead. A 180. A McTwist. And I […]

It’s not about the hashtag 5

Well, I know some of you saw a little frustration unfold this week about the #measure hashtag, and obviously that didn’t go so well. I want to clarify a few things and make my position on this whole thing crystal clear. First, this is not about ruffling any feathers, challenging anyone, or causing a stir. […]

My 5 predictions (and hopes) for web analytics in 2011 20

I don’t quite know how to bottle up the excitement that is brewing around web analytics at the end of this year. I’ve never seen something quite like this in our industry. The number of people looking to fill good analytics jobs is the highest I’ve ever experienced. The number of people in the industry […]

Die Uniques! Die!!! 9

I was playing golf this weekend with a friend who does SEO. We were talking about how things were going, joking about how slowly big companies move, and the conversation came around to how, at the end of the day (because of how the company is structured, not because it’s his decision), he was just […]

Web analytics needs some serious PR 7

Funny enough, we need a good shot of something most of us aren’t that crazy about. PR. It isn’t measurable most of the time. It’s “soft.” It’s all rainbows and butterflies and about “reach” and perception. Perception can’t be deposited into a bank account! Woah, how lame does it get, right? Well, right now the […]