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A website is usually less than the sum of its parts. Let’s fix that. Comments Off on A website is usually less than the sum of its parts. Let’s fix that.

There is a broken mindset out there that goes something like this: “If we hire the best people, if we have the best technology, we will be the best.” Not true. The problem with this is that people look at their companies like they might look at a race car. If we put the best […]

How to avoid web analytics douchiness 8

I grew up friends with a kid that was a year older than me. We were great friends, even through elementary school where the difference between being in one grade vs. the next was practically equivalent to 10 current-day years of maturity. Never was this more apparent than when I was just starting 4th grade […]

The other qualitative side of web analytics 1

Sometimes we let ourselves get a little rusty. It’s been a while since we talked to some people in our business who we don’t run into in the course of our daily routine or normal work. Companies are complex places. They’re complex like the olympics. Everyone is striving for a gold, but some people are […]

How to measure web engagement, for real. 7

Ever wonder why “engagement” and “enragement” are spelled so similarly? Measuring engagement is tricky business, made even trickier by the use of esoteric indices and web-centric (as opposed to economics-centric) metrics to describe the concept. So, here are some thoughts on how to measure, evangelize, and create delta in engagement. First things first We have two […]

The most important skill in web analytics 2

What is the most important skill and greatest determiner of your success in web analytics, out of the list below? Statistics Modeling Tool implementation Tool use Data visualization Reporting Teasing insight out of the data Marketing channel expertise Usability Information Architecture A deep understanding of your business Sales If you guessed “sales,” you are right. […]

Why a BI mindset can be BS 2

“All of your data, under one roof.” So good in theory, but in reality, the marketing promise has written checks the hiney is unable to cash. Data centralization is something that people have been working on for 50+ years. Our digital data warehouses are only one of the more current attempts at the myriad ways […]

Analytics is everywhere. Take a break from the tools. 2

OK, last post of the week, I promise. While I was waiting to cross the street the other day, I noticed something that made me ask the question, “Who in the world thought that was a good idea?” About 50% of the cars making a right at this intersection were hitting the curb, ruining their […]

Maybe you’re just not meant to make a difference. 2

You haven’t been trained on that. You don’t have enough direction. People won’t cooperate long enough to make things happen at your company. There isn’t a process for this. Tell me how I prioritize this against the 100 other things I’m doing. That’s not how things are done around here. Maybe you just aren’t meant to […]

3 ways to improve your “marketing,” starting now 2

Often, in life, I’ll take a look back and realize I’d been aiming for the wrong target for a long time. Once I understood something that gave me a more complete picture of that part of the world, my efforts were much more productive and the results started pouring in. These discoveries are always a […]

Choose a rapture: web analytics or creative? 2

A conversation I just had with the great sage, Keith Burtis, got me thinking about something. He is working on a model for what it takes to be successful online; it’s a four-pillar model including: Strategy Creative Analytics Development Let’s say the strategy is something that the CEO will handle, and the development is functional, […]

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