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Your web analytics challenge for this week 2

OK, here it is: Your challenge for this week is to look at all of the traffic that doesn’t convert. Doesn’t buy. Doesn’t sign up for your newsletter. Doesn’t download the whitepaper you’ve stuck behind a lead form.* What was the point of those visits? What were those people trying to achieve? Achieving that goal […]

Stop giving web analytics tools the credit YOU deserve 9

So, another day, another bunch of tweets about paid vs. free analytics tools. I’ve been wanting to weigh in on this for some time now, but it’s always been a struggle to not come across as a defender of free tools or sound like I’m coming down on paid tools. The truth is, I love […]

Are you an Outback Steakhouse analyst? 2

At the Outback, they try to promote a laid-back and personal experience. The waiters are friendly and willing to do what it takes to make you happy and enjoy your experience. And when they take your order, they sit right down in your booth with you, plop their notepad down on the table, walk you […]

Want web analytics to matter at your business? Here’s how. Comments Off on Want web analytics to matter at your business? Here’s how.

Go through this exercise, and you will instantly matter more than you ever dreamed possible. Here are the steps: Get a membership at an online broker like e*trade. Buy 1 share of your company’s stock. Make it move. The big disconnect in web analytics is that we keep talking about how what we do is […]

What does web analytics “create?” Comments Off on What does web analytics “create?”

I was doing my morning reading today and read Seth Godin’s most recent post “Who will say go?“. I think the post is different than the title may lead you to believe, but then again, I’m not a writer… Please read that post before continuing with this one (it’ll take you about a minute to […]

To be most helpful on ridiculous questions, just say no 2

When someone asks you “what is the average click through rate for Google,” or, “what is a good conversion rate,” find a kind way to let them know that the question is unanswerable, or that the answer is counterproductive. For years, we’ve been answering unanswerable questions in an effort to appear smart and helpful, or […]

A web analyst’s guide to the two emotions that fuel business 9

When you look into it, you’ll find that, almost universally, there are two emotions that fuel business: fear and greed. In the stock market, these emotions influence buying behavior. Everyone knows that to be successful, you have to buy low and sell high, but when you do the forensics on actual market purchase behavior, you’ll […]

No need to prove ’em wrong. We know they’re wrong. 1

Not long ago, best practices and creative thinking drove success in a lot of things. We would figure out what should work, put it to action, and start working on the next idea that should work. The general attitude was that unless you could prove them wrong, the marketers were doing great. Sometimes people did […]

Give the value of your marketing a quantum leap 1

If you have 16 minutes, here’s a short presentation I delivered the other night. The premise is that we are missing the point of our marketing: yes, we generate a return and revenue today, but the greatest value is the future value that we are able to generate by studying the information our marketing generates. […]

How the 4 web analytics career paths fit the 180 Comments Off on How the 4 web analytics career paths fit the 180

In thinking and talking to people about the predictions for 2011 and the web analytics 180, the great point of different people wanting different things from web analytics came up. Some people don’t want to be the VP of the Executive Director Chief Cheese at Large, so where do they fit in? What if you […]