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Why “Measure” means EXPENSIVE to businesses 1

I’ve been having some really interesting conversations after yesterday’s post, and it got me thinking a little bit. Now, I know this “measure” thing has been a bit of a sore subject, but I really think we need to consider the consequences of that description from a number of angles, one of which just occurred […]

The 4 Best Conversion-Enhancing Landing Page Designs. Ever. 8

I’ve had a lot of experience with landing page designs in the past. You could call me a landing page expert. Maybe even a genius. So, to give back to the community who has given me so much, I present my most conversion-optimizing landing pages, ever. Here’s the page we started with (go ahead, click […]

3 ways to improve your “marketing,” starting now 2

Often, in life, I’ll take a look back and realize I’d been aiming for the wrong target for a long time. Once I understood something that gave me a more complete picture of that part of the world, my efforts were much more productive and the results started pouring in. These discoveries are always a […]

The blind spot in your online marketing budget forecast 6

The CMOs and marketing folks of the world love one word beyond all others: budget. The bigger, the better. To say that one managed a $25 million (or $250 or $2.5B, or whatever) marketing budget on a resume opens a lot of doors out there, even if that budget wasn’t managed all that well. But […]

The purpose of web (or any) analytics 4

I just wanted to follow up on my last post with some personal thoughts, maybe refining the message a little bit. I’ve gotten some great feedback via twitter/facebook/conversations that got me thinking about this some more. What’s the purpose of web analytics? Now keep in mind, this is just how I have come to see […]

Are you an Outback Steakhouse analyst? 2

At the Outback, they try to promote a laid-back and personal experience. The waiters are friendly and willing to do what it takes to make you happy and enjoy your experience. And when they take your order, they sit right down in your booth with you, plop their notepad down on the table, walk you […]

A web analyst’s guide to the two emotions that fuel business 9

When you look into it, you’ll find that, almost universally, there are two emotions that fuel business: fear and greed. In the stock market, these emotions influence buying behavior. Everyone knows that to be successful, you have to buy low and sell high, but when you do the forensics on actual market purchase behavior, you’ll […]

10 Questions with Atlanta Analytics Comments Off on 10 Questions with Atlanta Analytics

About a week ago, a really nice guy reached out to see if he could ask a few questions about analytics and how it could (or should) play a role in a business that’s just getting started out (although I felt like the questions were relevant regardless of business age). I thought his questions were […]

Give the value of your marketing a quantum leap 1

If you have 16 minutes, here’s a short presentation I delivered the other night. The premise is that we are missing the point of our marketing: yes, we generate a return and revenue today, but the greatest value is the future value that we are able to generate by studying the information our marketing generates. […]

How the 4 web analytics career paths fit the 180 Comments Off on How the 4 web analytics career paths fit the 180

In thinking and talking to people about the predictions for 2011 and the web analytics 180, the great point of different people wanting different things from web analytics came up. Some people don’t want to be the VP of the Executive Director Chief Cheese at Large, so where do they fit in? What if you […]

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