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Die Uniques! Die!!! 9

I was playing golf this weekend with a friend who does SEO. We were talking about how things were going, joking about how slowly big companies move, and the conversation came around to how, at the end of the day (because of how the company is structured, not because it’s his decision), he was just […]

Is there anyone really in charge? Comments Off on Is there anyone really in charge?

I thought the way Seth Godin talked about this really made a lot of sense. In his post, “Hire an architect,” (read it!) Seth talks about the need for someone who gets the “system,” irrespective of whether they know how to do/make every little part. People in our industry often lose a lot of respect […]

Becoming a data-driven business 1

A big part of getting your company to be more data-driven is actually becoming aware of the fact that there are a lot of places where you can’t be. The best data-driven organizations actually have come to terms with this and can transfer seamlessly in conversation between those topics that can and should be matched […]

Are you inspired? I’m not. Comments Off on Are you inspired? I’m not.

Let me work my way backwards from offending anyone or causing a stir. But that, of course, requires a stir. We web analytics people suck. We don’t inspire me at all. We don’t inspire anyone around us. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Now the working backwards part. Who are the people who you think of […]

Jason Fried of 37signals – Know Business in Every Role Comments Off on Jason Fried of 37signals – Know Business in Every Role

Jason Fried recently did an interview, and it’s phenomenal. Pay really close attention to minute 6+, where he talks about how important it is for people in different disciplines to understand business; why they are doing/making what they are doing/making. His examples and personal experience around this idea are spot-on. I have to cop and […]

What is web analytics worth? Love thyself! Please. 2

A few months ago, I was riding to the airport from SMX/eMetrics Toronto with one of the most talented web analytics implementation people on the planet, and he told me a story I’ve used about a dozen times since. It’s not that he beat up Chuck Norris or anything crazy like that, it was just […]

What are the REAL web analytics tools? 7

Well, my grumpy old men streak continues: not only do I not love the definition of web analytics, I am also finding myself fussing about what we consider our web analytics tools; the things we use as web analysts that help us do the job. Tools imply two things: mechanical advantage and outcomes (hammers increase your […]

A [hopefully] clearer picture of the future analyst 2

Thanks to everyone who read last week’s post “I don’t want a web analytics job.” A dude in Ottawa replied to me that he wrote a follow-up post, and I think it’s very good, but I have a few follow-up notes. Atlanta Analytics posts are all about fanning the flames and pushing for change in […]

I don’t want a web analytics job 9

I’ve been getting a lot of nice emails from recruiters lately, and I really appreciate everyone’s interest. It makes me feel special! But I’m sorry to tell you that I really don’t want a “web analytics job.” Not now, not ever in my future. And neither do your best analytics people. Web analytics jobs, as […]

Web analytics sucks, and it’s nobody’s fault 4

I keep having to come back to the same conclusion when trying to win people over or convince them of an idea: it’s not their fault. Businesses are a tough animal. They’re tough because they have to live somewhere on this spectrum of control and fantasy, where one end is an organized, over-specialized, decisions-by-committee setup […]

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