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Tag Management Systems, thoughts from Atlanta Analytics 3

In all fairness, let me start this off by saying that I am personally in the tag management business. I created Satellite, what I believe to be the most usable, approachable, and forward-thinking TMS available today. So there is that. If this post is colored, well, you know why :). And if you actually read […]

5 things that suck about Omniture Summit 3

I’m not there. Some great people I wanted to hang out with are there, and I’m not. There will probably be some great announcements and ideas I’m not going to hear about until later. I don’t get to enjoy the most ridiculously enormous hotel rooms ever built. Historically there’s been too much green stuff. It’s […]

What are the REAL web analytics tools? 7

Well, my grumpy old men streak continues: not only do I not love the definition of web analytics, I am also finding myself fussing about what we consider our web analytics tools; the things we use as web analysts that help us do the job. Tools imply two things: mechanical advantage and outcomes (hammers increase your […]

How Does Google Analytics handle 301 and 302 Redirects? 78

I’ve seen this question a zillion times, so please link the hell out of this so it shows up in search results and helps people (Matt Cutts, please ignore the previous statement, I’m just trying to help people). I also posted this at the Google Analytics help forums and will do a post on Search […]

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