Web Analytics Jobs in Atlanta

I’m starting a little site section here about web analytics jobs in Atlanta (among other places). I’m going to try to have at least some information that gives you a feel for what to expect when working at various companies and in various roles, so if you represent one of these companies or have worked there / are working there, let me know and I’ll post some details.

For companies that I have some direct experience with, I’ll do my best to relay how I felt about the company culture and direction. I think that most companies in the area are headed in the right direction, but many have a long way to go. The web analytics role is a tough one because it’s both difficult to figure out where to put it, and difficult to figure out how to keep analysts out of the day-to-day politics that are a part of any and every company out there. So you can’t always blame management for the inherent struggle in web analytics: it’s a really tough puzzle to work out.

The new page is here, so have a look and reach out to me if you have any questions or additions. This segment of the job market is a hard one to serve, so let’s create something with some real depth.