Malcolm Gladwell on SEO – New Post

A new post is up over at Search Engine Land. It’s titled Of SEO and Spaghetti Sauce, and it’s about the concept of creating better experiences that are more appropriate for your audiences.

Most SEO is done on an existing site, and the site exists in one flavor. Just look at your average e-commerce site. Whether you’re buying brown shoes, cufflinks, or lawnmowers, the interfaces and experiences are practically identical. Rather than searching for the perfect single interface, we need to be finding out how people buy lawnmowers differently from cufflinks, and create experiences that suit their needs for research, Q&A, and shopping, just like effective salespeople do in the real world.

Malcolm Gladwell discussed how this has been done in the food industry in the past, and to what effect. It wasn’t disappointing.

So have a look at the post and let me know what you think! Are you giving your audience segments what they want, or are you trying to make everyone the same?

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