Something for the weekend

This weekend, while your mind is off work, keep a simple mental exercise in the back of your mind. Think about how you are being tracked. Not like black helicopters and homing devices, but the good, honest ways.

When you’re at your kid’s soccer game, your favorite restaurant, a movie, or out at the city park, think about your enjoyment, your experience, your satisfaction around what you’re experiencing, and then think about how (or whether) someone is out there measuring you. How are they doing it? What are they looking for? What level of granularity do they need to drive decisions?

The soccer league, the restaurant, the production studio and the park planners all have businesses to run, and to run those businesses successfully, they need to know if what they’re doing is working.

When you get back in the office on Monday, think about what you learned over the weekend. Should you be learning about your visitors and customers in some of the same ways that people learned about you and your activities this weekend? Should you be integrating new tools or techniques? Or maybe you learned that you can do a lot more with a lot less data than you originally thought . . .

You’ll probably feel lucky that you work in one of the most sophisticated measurement environments for analysis on the planet. Our tools put other rulers out there to shame, but sadly, we often make fewer decisions despite our wealth in data. Why is that?

Let me know how it goes!