Thanks for the Inspiration

Steve Jobs was truly and immensely inspiring to me. Like most inspiring people, it was all about passion. In Steve’s view, he knew what good enough was, and he knew when he, his colleagues, his products, and his company were not there yet. His passion didn’t allow him to settle for anything he couldn’t be proud of. There were no shortcuts.

Few of us, if any, have seen the inside of our iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, or any number of Apple devices we have owned. But look them up. Find pictures. That’s what I mean.

I never met Steve, and I really don’t know much about him as a person other than what I’ve read. It’s impossible for me to know his character. But what I think I do know is that a person who cares how memory gets flawlessly soldered onto a board, or how wires are arranged inside an un-openable case, how the bottom of a computer looks, how beautiful battery contacts inside a mouse look and how the perfect “click” should feel, how the momentum of a swipe on an ipad should look, a person like that cares on a level many others do not. There is a degree of integrity to these creations; something that lets him sleep better at night knowing that it was all thought though.

What I love about Steve is that he knew that the facade would sell. He knew that a pretty exterior is marketable on its own. But he couldn’t live with knowing that the beauty of his creations was only skin deep. Many businesses live this every day. Beautiful marketing, brilliant promises, idealistic mission statements, with effort only where they think it counts.

I am blessed to work with people who know it counts everywhere. People who use the good wood on the part of the furniture that goes against the wall. I am in an industry of brilliant idealists who know that businesses will win when they do the right thing and put the customer first and run a genuinely better business. I’m around people who make amazing things that are artistic and meticulous, even in the least exposed corners of their work.

Whether you like Apple or not, or whether you like Steve or not, hopefully his passion for knowing it counts everywhere inspires. The integrity of our work does not lie on the surface. It’s not about whether it works, or if it beats a competitor, or if it meets all specs. When it’s done with passion, those things are automatic. Passion measures itself on a whole other level.

Thank you Steve, thank you to my co-workers, and to my friends in this industry who let passion fuel the amazing things you all do every day.

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