Avinash Kaushik will make me completely unnecessary


Well, this should come as no surprise at all, but Avinash is continuing to write some really great posts, with an even-greater focus on how to get analytics really working in your business.

His latest post, Keys to Web Analytics Maturity, dives deep into what is and isn’t making analytics work, and how he, his blog, and Market Motive are working to fix that. The problem is not our competence in this field. His blog and two books (sheesh, the guy has his own page on Amazon) have made sure of that. It’s our application of that competence.

While my blog has tried to focus intently on this issue from a number of angles, Avinash’s posts really dive deeply into what practitioners can be actively doing to combat this. His attention to detail and depth of thought are unrivaled in this industry to begin with, and I really think what he’s doing on the topic of why our yelling isn’t working is the best out there, too.

If, for some amazingly strange reason, you read my blog but not his, change your habits immediately. No, keep reading mine, but please read his, too.

What I would stress about this is that we remember what makes capital flow. Whether or not your company is publicly traded, once a business is up and running (out of start-up status), the whole name of the game is capital allocation. Do we allocate funds to hiring? Where? Do we buy tools and technology? Do we redesign our workspace to encourage collaboration or privacy? Do we acquire a competitor or complementary business? How do we market, and how does budget get divided? How does our sales team integrate into our product development strategy? How about customer service?

All of these things require checks to be written, and in every one of these examples, web analytics people can and should be very involved. And as analytics people, we are in an incredibly valuable position to help those checks get written, for two key reasons. First, we have the data and immersion needed to form an educated opinion. And secondly, we are unbiased in our assessment. Since we don’t align to sales, marketing, IT, product development, project management, facilities, or anything, we are one of a very small pool of people who can be trusted to arrive at unbiased conclusions. While we may skew digital vs. traditional in how we address our company’s obstacles (be aware of that bias), we are one of the least biased and most appropriately compensated / encouraged arms of the entire company. It’s a BIG deal.

But, if Avinash does make me unnecessary, at least you’re in good hands. 🙂

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  1. If anything Evan you are only going to be ever more important and powerful.

    The center of my personal vision of web analytics awesomeness is populated by people who have both Marketing savvy, a pulse on the web and analytics sophistication. That is you and the lovely people who read your blog.

    10/90 rules!!


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