Google Analytics Advanced Segment and Custom Report Sharing Going Live…soon

So, the fabled sharing of custom reports and advanced segments is live for select logins in Google Analytics.  Guessing this means that we’re going to see this feature released live very soon!

Google Analytics’ Advanced Segments are a powerful way of defining just the cross-section of information that you’d like to see a report for.  That might be looking at your Google PPC search campaign, or it might be something as complex as looking at repeat visitors who came in through email referrers and have more than 6 page views.  Pretty cool.

Google Analytics Advanced Segments Sharing

As you can see in the screenshots, the new options for “Hide from profile”, “copy”, and “share” are up and running.  Also, the same options exist for Custom reports.

Custom Reports, if you’re curious, are a great way to get the exact metrics you seek, when a comparable report isn’t already available in Google Analytics or when you’re too lazy to find it.  These are a killer way to see whole numbers for goal completion or get geographic and campaign data mashed up.  In fact, they’re a great shortcut for buried reports that already do exist, but a word of caution: the data in custom reports may be sampled and therefore not match exactly to the same built-in report.

Looking forward to seeing these in everyone’s profiles!  Not sure how long this has been going, but it’s the first time we’ve noticed it.  Kudos to @whitneyhannan for the find.