Want your brain to explode? Check out this link.

Mike Odin, a Sweden-based analyst mashup of Nikola Tesla and David Spade, has started a new blog called “Crunching the Web,” and I think you should give it a read.

Why? Because at certain times of life, when you feel you’ve scaled the ladder of smarts, you need to be reminded that there are about a thousand extra rungs above you. Mike is a cranial powerhouse, tying detailed statistics with real-world analysis (read: he doesn’t get lost in the numbers). If you want to brush up on your skills or just get a frame of reference for how a statistics resource or that mode of thinking can add to your analysis bench depth, get your read on (start here).

Many of you may know this stuff already and may do it every day. I still think Mike would be a good person to get to know; you might just have some interesting conversations.